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Meat the team

Meet Simon

Simon grew up in Lytham and was a well respected student at King Edwards school Before going on on to study engineering at university. Simon was a very keen cricketer and played 20 years for Lytham 1st x1 (when they were good). Simon is happily married to his lovely wife Claire and has two beautiful girls Ruby and Lily

Having spent 20 years in the construction industry Simon always had a dream to work in the food industry so purchased Fylde meats back in 2018. 
Simons responsibilities include sourcing all local meats, buying all meat related products/flavourings and general day to day management of the shop!

Simon “BEEFY” Long loves his meat. In particular cheaper cuts that are slow cooked and also has a good eye for particular assets and characteristics of great steak. Simon also runs local hog roasts and bbq’s and his knowledge of cooking meats is all important for clients who need assistance when they shop with us.

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