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Great Taste Star Award: Fylde Meats 'Bangpot' Sausage

We are extremely proud of all our sausages. However, our 'Bangpot' sausage is particularly special, winning a Great Taste Star award! Putting your food or drink to the test in front of a panel of over 500 experts can only ever yield an honest and impartial review. The panel consists of chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers and so whether your product receives a 1, 2 or 3 star accolade, Great Taste stars are highly respected seals of approval.

Our 'Bangpot' sausage is made with local pork, farmed within 20 miles of the Fylde Meats shop. The highlight of the sausage is the blend of high-quality meat and Kadode Kampot Cambodian white pepper, which have their own Great Tase 3 star rating. The result; an amazing sausage that has been expertly critiqued.

Great Taste Judges Comments

Take a look at what the judges had to say about our Bangpot!

'These well-stuffed sausages are glistening and nicely caramelised. The filling is juicy and scented with mace and sage. The flavour is perky with a bite of white pepper, there's a nice snap to the casing and a mouthfeel of well balanced fat to meat'.

'Plump sausages, quite coarsely minced, deliver sound pork aromas and flavour. The Kampot pepper while hot as anticipated, is fresh and bright. The heat is certainly both prominent and develops on the pallet. While the pepper may just be too hot for some pallets, these are sound sausages, with a good fat to lean ratio and resonant seasoning.'

We are really proud of these sausages and cannot recommend them highly enough to our customers. Why not try some next time you are in?

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